Do Not Front on My Brabus, Nor Should You Front upon Mein Bruce: Claus Ettenberger's Florida Shop Due in February

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We like Claus Ettenberger, a man who can rock a Hugo Boss cap without irony, and will complete a cross-country rally as fast as possible simply to have time to shower, say hello to his family and then head up to Ventura to play fu ball. As an official installer of all things Brabus and AC Schnitzer, not to mention Oettinger, Herr Ettenberger has chiseled a career from the embrace of Bruce. The new highly-precise (although our jury is still out on Schnitzer precision) facility will offer the sale and installation of hop-up pieces from Novitec, TechArt, Azev and Antera, as well as the aforementioned brands. Rich people who prefer hurricanes to earthquakes and snow, warm up your checkbooks: the new shop opens February 24th in Miami.

Miami Vices [0-60]

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