2009 Ford Focus RS Nets 1,000 Preorders, 40% In Hulk Green

Ford looks to have a winner on its hands with the 2009 Focus RS »9/11/08 3:00pm9/11/08 3:00pm, as the company has taken approximately 1,000 orders for the 275 HP Matchbox car. No matter whether you're a fan of the scooptastic -style bodywork or not, you can't argue with 295 lb-ft of torque flowing through a 6-speed stick in a little rocket like…

2009 Ford Focus Coupe Gets New Look, Lipstick...Still A Pig

We know first-hand how horrible the design of the 2008 Ford Focus coupe truly was. Having spent five days in one we can tell you the best part about the '08 model was being inside of it. Only then could you sink into that relatively comfortable interior and try to forget the horror of witnessing the terrifying design… »5/13/08 12:33am5/13/08 12:33am

Frankfurt Auto Show: Euro Ford Focus Is Cooler Than Us, Probably Gets All The Chicks Too

Oh yes, there's more from Ford here at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Next up is the Euro Ford Focus, and as we've come to expect — it's totally cooler than the new and watered down Ford Focus we've got stateside. I mean, seriously — just look at the slope of that there hot hatch, the touch of a spoiler, that hot… »9/11/07 8:30am9/11/07 8:30am