The Muscle Cars Of The 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise

One day, 40,000 cars and over a million people spread out on a ten mile stretch of Woodward Avenue in Metro Detroit. Yeah, the sheer size of the Woodward Dream Cruise is hard to express unless you've actually been there. Luckily, one good way's through photos, so here's our first of a series of round-up galleries… » 8/18/08 3:00pm 8/18/08 3:00pm

Woodward Isn't The Best Place For A Turbo Buick Burnout

This guy in his Buick Grand National at the Woodward Dream Cruise clearly hasn't seen our How To Do A Burnout video. If he had, he would've known to pick a better location — one where he wouldn't get in trouble. Then again, maybe that friendly person in the uniform was just giving him kudos. Either way, he seems to… » 8/18/08 12:00pm 8/18/08 12:00pm

The 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise: What You May Have Missed

The Bits And Pieces That Make A Classic Hot Rod

The difficulty in building a classic-style hot rod comes in knowing the code. The difference between a garden-variety clapped-together rat rod and a "patina'd" hot rod with $50,000 worth of engine parts is about being familiar with what's rare and desirable. We got our first taste of that difference two years ago when… » 8/16/08 5:20pm 8/16/08 5:20pm

Cobra 427 Limousine: Champagne And Five-Point Harnesses

The thing about the Cobra 427 is that you can never take all of your friends along while they're getting drunk. If only there was a longer Cobra with another four seats, each with its own five-point harness, a bottle cooler in the middle with six glass holders (?), and big amps. Then you could be your own Woodward… » 8/16/08 3:00pm 8/16/08 3:00pm