1915 Buick Express Delivery, With Exposed Valve-In-Head Motor

Here's something you don't see every day — a 92-year-old four-cylinder Buick engine purring away like a kitten, hanging out just off Woodward Avenue. This Buick truck is in largely unrestored condition and fired up on the very first crank of the hand starter. The truck is equipped with a "Valve-in-Head Engine", with the pushrods ascending the side of the engine; the valve springs and rocker arms are exposed as well. One of the main questions we had was how do you oil the whole thing? See those little knobs atop the rocker arms? Those are full of oil: Give 'em a couple turns every 50 miles and the valvetrain oils itself. Close-up gallery below the fold.
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That's pretty awesome. Sounds better than my last Buick 4-cylinder - the 1.8L Buick Skyhawk - which wasn't a bad car for the $500 that I paid for it. The deal was made even better due to the $200 tax write-off I got after I wrecked it a year later.