1957 Mercury Proves The Awesomeness Of Vintage Wagons

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"1957 Merc Wagon, 368 Engine, PS, PB, new paint, interior, tires, wheels, some new chrome, rebuilt carb, gas tank gas tank cleand and coated, new battery, new spare & wheel. 'Very rare.' Runs Great!! $30,000." Wagons, definitely not cool enough for the Woodward Dream Cruise. Yep, keep 'em at home.
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You could never restore one of these for the price the owner is asking for it, but yea, $30,000 is just a bit north of the market. However, it is a Mercury Hardtop Station Wagon, seriously cool push button Automatic, and Air Conditioning. The only thing I would change is losing the "baby moons" and finding a nice set of original Mercury wheel discs. I would probably paint the Gold Coves white as well. Other than that, WOW...