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Zurich Will Have Drive-Up Sex Booths Soon

Illustration for article titled Zurich Will Have Drive-Up Sex Booths Soon

Zurich, Switzerland is about to put a new spin on the term "booth professional." The city decided that streamlining the ho stroll into a neat, user-friendly package will make the sex trade safer for both its proprietresses and its patrons: drive-up sex booths.


That means no more street corner skanks in most parts of the Northern European city. The 30 or so sex boxes the city approved will have parking spaces, panic buttons, an on-site counselor, and medical licensing requirements for the sex workers. Traditional street walking and car window-leaning will be banned in most parts of the city, and sex workers will be required to sign up for health insurance and pay a $40 registration fee as well as a $5 daily access fee to use the spaces, which will be set up in a romantic industrial area.


Michael Herzig, a spokesperson for Zurich's Social Welfare Department, gave the Daily Mail a succinct explanation of why the city is taking the sex box approach to prostitution.

With the women right by the sex boxes there is no "travel time" so they can deal with more customers. It's a better business model than standing on the street.

There you have it. Efficiency wham, bam, thank you, ma'am style. (Hat tip to $kaycog!)

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