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Zum Donuts Machen! Viper vs. Kart + Sabine Schmitz!

What happens when you take two distinctly American inventions and put them in the hands of a couple of Germans? Crisco-greased, tail-out Brucewurst, that's what. Plus, y'know, Sabine Schmitz, which is pretty much a guaranteed good time.


via 0-60

We Will Marry the Van Driver: Sabine Schmitz Rounds the 'Ring in a Ford Transit [Internal]


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Al Navarro

Why don't the J-niks stage their own test then?

Between all of you I'm sure you'd be able to wrangle A) a quick kart, B) a quick Viper, C) some track time.

Jonny, I've driven the old Viper as part of Skip Barber and it definitely had "hand of God" acceleration, but I think my Seven (a grown up go-kart) would still spank it on a short course.

FWIW, we're going to have a mostly Se7ens auto-x at our Dragon meet next year (no, not on the Dragon!), if the sponsoring club brings some of their non-se7en cars, I'll report back on the results.