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With all the buzz surrounding Google's self-driving technology and this week's rumors that Apple is developing its own electric cars, it might seem like the cars we love are turning into the Borg. But there's one Silicon Valley stalwart that isn't interested in expanding into the auto market: Facebook.


Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where he was asked if Facebook has any plans to follow Google and Apple into the automotive world. Zuckerberg told attendees, "We're definitely always researching," but didn't indicate that anyone will be driving a Facebook car in the future.

"We're pretty focused as a company. Our goal of helping everyone around the world connect, I think, is pretty broad, and we're pretty mission-focused in that we want everything that we do to tie back to that goal," said Zuckerberg.


Fans of racing video games, however, should keep an eye on Facebook. If you thought GTA had great graphics, wait until you see what Zuckerberg has in store. "One thing that I'm really excited about is the work we're doing in virtual reality and augmented reality with Oculus." Thank goodness for these advances, because virtual reality is the only chance most of us will ever have to drive an Aventador.

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