Zero South:The Biodiesel Electric-Tracked Hummer

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Meet the Zero South PHE-PTV, a biodiesel-powered, series-electric Hummer with tracks designed for a South Pole expedition set for next year, which will apparently be filmed by the director of the Who Killed/Revived The Electric Car movies.


If it completes its mission we'll be impressed, though we fear the local inhabitants (read: penguins) will find it typically gauche and American.

Illustration for article titled Zero South:The Biodiesel Electric-Tracked Hummer

Photos: Curtis Walker


Brian, The Life of

To clear up some misconceptions in this thread (brought to you by the fact that there's no details in the article):

1) Yes, the bizarre lift thingy is just to show off the engineering. The body will fit onto the frame in the traditional sense.

2) The engineering on the beast is amazing.Since my head was already spinning with cool stuff by the time I saw this, I did not retain all the details. Here're a few highlights I do recall:

a) HP will be about the same as stock, Twist will be about 30% greater (the last big challenge they have is modulating that torque so they twist bits of the drive train into pretzels.

b) Fuel burn will be ~40% less than a standard H1 when configured with tires. They're not sure about that figure with the tracks installed but are sure it will be less also.

3) Jalopnik really needs to cover this expedition. There were three AM General engineers there talking to one of the guys involved when I was there. They were blown away by what these guys (all volunteers) managed to do.