Zero Motorcycles Teases Its Next Electric Superbike

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We like what Santa Cruz-based Zero Motorcycles does. It builds a good quality electric motorcycle for a good price, and it was among the first brands to really put their whole ass into electric two wheelers. By all accounts Zero’s newest sport electric—the SR/F—launched last year is quite a good naked bike with a good amount of range. Monday Zero teased its next bike in the series, the SR/S.

What is it? Nobody seems to have any idea.


Zero Motorcycles UK posted this teaser video to its Facebook page.

It’s really difficult to tell from this tire-smoke hazy video, but I think that Zero has a full fairing. This could be the plastic-bodied electric superbike from Zero that people have been begging, or at least asking politely, to get.

I’m not sure Zero has ever explained its nomenclature, but the S and SR are its entry level sport naked bikes. The SR is an S with more range. I don’t know what the F stands for in SR/F, but I assume the S in SR/S stands for sport.

Motorcycles are good. Electric motorcycles are better. More new electric motorcycles are best.


In other Zero news, there is going to be an all-electric dirt track race at The One Show this year, sponsored by the California bikemaker. I will be there and will be sure to provide a full report of how freakin’ awesome it is.

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Shane Morris

I really want one of these. I haven’t even seen it, but everyone I know who has ever rode electric bikes has noted how smooth they are, how they don’t vibrate, and how the center of gravity is so much lower.

These just seem fun.