We like what Santa Cruz-based Zero Motorcycles does. It builds a good quality electric motorcycle for a good price, and it was among the first brands to really put their whole ass into electric two wheelers. By all accounts Zero’s newest sport electric—the SR/F—launched last year is quite a good naked bike with a good amount of range. Monday Zero teased its next bike in the series, the SR/S.

What is it? Nobody seems to have any idea.


Zero Motorcycles UK posted this teaser video to its Facebook page.

It’s really difficult to tell from this tire-smoke hazy video, but I think that Zero has a full fairing. This could be the plastic-bodied electric superbike from Zero that people have been begging, or at least asking politely, to get.

I’m not sure Zero has ever explained its nomenclature, but the S and SR are its entry level sport naked bikes. The SR is an S with more range. I don’t know what the F stands for in SR/F, but I assume the S in SR/S stands for sport.

Motorcycles are good. Electric motorcycles are better. More new electric motorcycles are best.


In other Zero news, there is going to be an all-electric dirt track race at The One Show this year, sponsored by the California bikemaker. I will be there and will be sure to provide a full report of how freakin’ awesome it is.

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