Zero Drops The Price Of All Its Electric Bikes By $1,350

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Zero has slowly addressed nearly every sore spot with its electric bikes, finally fitting competent brakes with ABS, better hardware, and much-improved suspension bits. Now it’s starting to tackle one of the biggest issues with its bikes: cost.


As of today, the MSRP of every single Zero in its line-up has been cut by $1,350, with the entry level FX ZF2.8 starting at $8,495 all the way up to the range-topping SR sports bike that starts at $15,995. It’s still far from cheap compared to the performance and range of gas-powered bikes, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Zero says the price drop is due to its battery costs – the most expensive part of its bike, or any EV, for that matter – being reduced and energy density increasing faster than its anticipated. That last part gives us a hint of what’s to come from its 2016 models: more juice and boosted range.


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Not really sure why anyone outside of urban and city environments would pick one of these bikes up. At highway speeds, the range drops from 180 to half that. That’s the largest downside to electric motorcycles. Not only that, motorcycles are a passion and emotion purchase... At least in the US. An electric motorcycle takes away all of the fun(or headaches for some people) of owning a bike. The noise, the smell, the feel... That’s what makes riding a motorcycle worthwhile. It’s a sensory experience. There is nothing like revving a supersport to 16,000 RPMs. Take all the noise, smell, and feel away and you’re left with an appliance. A novelty appliance at that. But if I’m going to get an appliance solely for commuting, I’ll just get a car(which I already have).

I like the progress of electric bikes, but I don’t think they’ll surpass petrol bikes in range, performance, and fun... At least not yet.