Zero Drops The Price Of All Its Electric Bikes By $1,350

Zero has slowly addressed nearly every sore spot with its electric bikes, finally fitting competent brakes with ABS, better hardware, and much-improved suspension bits. Now it’s starting to tackle one of the biggest issues with its bikes: cost.

As of today, the MSRP of every single Zero in its line-up has been cut by $1,350, with the entry level FX ZF2.8 starting at $8,495 all the way up to the range-topping SR sports bike that starts at $15,995. It’s still far from cheap compared to the performance and range of gas-powered bikes, but it’s a step in the right direction.


Zero says the price drop is due to its battery costs – the most expensive part of its bike, or any EV, for that matter – being reduced and energy density increasing faster than its anticipated. That last part gives us a hint of what’s to come from its 2016 models: more juice and boosted range.

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