It's not as if we haven't enjoyed the designs that have flowed from the pens that led to bucks that led to wonderfully-formed sheetmetal that all began with the illustrious hand of Ugo Zagato some 88 years ago. But one of those moments where it all just really comes together — the tenth listen when the record one thought was really, really good the first time one hears it becomes an indelible part of one's soul, for example — happened while we were up in Monterey. Like most of our readers, we don't live with Zagato-designed vehicles as a part of our daily landscape as we do with say, Giugiaro machines. But the Zagatos were underfoot like a cat with a lackluster sense of danger wherever we turned on the Peninsula. And just like we get with weird cats, we're in love, love, love. [Zagato flickr pool]


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