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It's not as if we haven't enjoyed the designs that have flowed from the pens that led to bucks that led to wonderfully-formed sheetmetal that all began with the illustrious hand of Ugo Zagato some 88 years ago. But one of those moments where it all just really comes together — the tenth listen when the record one thought was really, really good the first time one hears it becomes an indelible part of one's soul, for example — happened while we were up in Monterey. Like most of our readers, we don't live with Zagato-designed vehicles as a part of our daily landscape as we do with say, Giugiaro machines. But the Zagatos were underfoot like a cat with a lackluster sense of danger wherever we turned on the Peninsula. And just like we get with weird cats, we're in love, love, love. [Zagato flickr pool]

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Total agreement! I've always loved Zagato designs. The other coachbuilding contemporaries make beautiful, proportional designs, no question. Zagato though seems to push at least one aspect and make interesting and quirky designs that are appealing and unique. That's quite a feat.