You're With Me, Feather

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Wert and Austin are coming to ya live and correct from the capital of all things Hoosier — Indianapolis. We've made it to the hotel and have already been living high on the corporate hog. While walking back to the hotel from dinner, we ran into this fine feathered race fan, the Firestone Tires mascot, Firehawk — though like all mascots he wasn't able to speak and therefore unable to drop the now-famous Berman cum Deadspin pick-up line, but we know he felt it in spirit. We're heading out to the Extra! event downtown now, where we'll do our best to crash the little celebrity cliques we'll be sure to find. Check back here later tonight for some further antics and exploits as well as our itinerary for tomorrow. Keep checking the mini-site or the RSS feed for further exploits.

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