You're Living In Your Own Private Ekranoplan

Okay, so it's not a missle-launching Lun or a gigantonormous Caspian Sea Monster, but it is an ekranoplan none the less. What's more it's remarkably fuel-efficient, advertised as getting around 26 mpg of diesel. And, according to the Economist it's registered as a boat! It's the Sea Falcon, the perfect vehicle for our weekend getaways to Catalina, Oakland, Baja and beyond. We still wish it launched missiles though. And that we were friends with Fred Schneider. We'd take him whale-watching at 120 miles per hour while dining on rock lobster and listening to Pylon.

Sea Falcon

A plane that thinks it's a boat [The Economist]; Because We Could All Use More Ekranoplan in Our Lives [Internal]


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