Are you the motorist who thinks you're a genius for breezing past a line of cars politely obeying the traffic laws or construction signs to wedge into the front of the pack. No, you're not a genius. You're an asshole.

Were the world a perfect place, young drivers would be carefully schooled in the art of what Europeans call "zippering" — folding two lanes of traffic into a single lane at speed without interrupting the flow of traffic. They'd also be taught how to look ahead to anticipate traffic flow, know their route ahead of time and have some consideration for fellow motorists rather than bulldoze their way to the front of the pack because they need to get the TGI McFunsters crappy food and T-shirt emporium sooner.

These are things that will never happen. As a result, the world has to deal with people who think it's fun if they sneak into a turn lane at the last second or rush the orange barrels before cutting you off in a construction zone. Sometimes when things are frustrating you have to laugh or else you'll cry, that's how the first of these informative and humorous images was born, the rest just follow the natural progression of memification.