Your Worst Move?

We've been to a few high performance driving schools. We've never caused an accident. Our license is (miraculously) clean and our insurance premiums are low due to our "good driver" status. Still, we've screwed up pretty dumb a few times. We were once involved in a ridiculous relationship with a woman that was much more akin to a prison sentence. Finally free of those bonds, we went out one night, had a drink or two, met the girl of that week's dreams, made out on top of her Saab parked on Sunset Blvd. and then creamed the side of our old WRX against a pole. We still went to sleep smiling. Or, there was the time while fighting with a friend over AC levels we spun our Pontiac wagon 720-style on a rain-licked freeway. Miraculously we missed all the other cars and wound up in the dirt. Ah, youth. You?

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