Your Time Is Best Spent Watching Rally Cars Barely Keep It Under Control

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Ever watch a video and wonder how on earth that close call didn’t turn into a crash? Here’s a whole bunch of World Rally Championship clips like that for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

There’s a whole lot to love about the latest, greatest WRC cars that debuted last year: they’re fast, they’re fast, and let me think for a moment...oh! They’re ludicrously fast.

There’s just something deeply satisfying about seeing the state of the art cars that compete in the top class in rally in the world bash into something, get flung nearly off the road, or just make a good mess of things and still keep going. It’s almost as if this is a form of motorsport known for the phrase “press on regardless” or something. Fancy that!

Of course, there’s a few moments from support series and other rally cars in the mix, lest we forget that Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions, Audi Quattros and rally-prepped Porsche 911s are things that we need.


[H/T Ducky Ventures]