Your Ridiculously Awesome Ultima GTR Wallpaper Is Here

Weekend WallpaperPut these on your desktop to look cool and awesome.

The Ultima GTR is one of the purist supercars that maybe, kind-of, could be the fastest car in the world. Now you can purify your desktop with these incredibly corny images.

Of course I’m talking about the content of the pictures, and not the quality, which is excellent. These were sent in by Arlen Liverman, and my favorite shot is the one that looks like somebody shucked the car and not the corn.


Photo credit: Arlen Liverman. Used with permission. For more photos, you can check out Arlen’s website, Facebook, and Instagram, @aml_photos. For a big desktop version of the photos to save, click here or click here. Thanks, Arlen!

Weekend Wallpapers are usually featured on Sundays (but not always!). Got one you’d like us to run? Send it to with the subject “Weekend Wallpaper.” Just make sure you have the rights to use it.

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