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Toyota! We give you guys shit for being beige sometimes, but I have to admit that when you get it right, you really get it right. And by "it," I mean performance cars. You've got a fantastic sporting heritage that no one can argue with.

But if they try to, point to some of the great rear-wheel-drive gems in this photo. These are some of the brand's most exciting sporty cars, past and present. We have the new kid on the block, the Scion FR-S/Toyota GT-86 up front, the early 2000s MR-2 Spyder peeking out from the back (hey little guy!), a 2000GT, and a whole host of Celicas in between. Bonus points for anyone who can name them all, including the years.


Of course, there are a few missing from this photo — a Supra or two of any vintage would be nice — but I say it's a pretty good mix overall.

Which one would you take and why?

Photo credit Moto@Club4AG. Click here for a larger desktop version.

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