Your Ridiculously Awesome RUF CTR Yellowbird Wallpaper Is Here

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Very appropriate since I'm sitting here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this late 1980s Ruf Automobile modified RUF CTR Porsche 911 Yellowbird is hanging out in front of some long cacti. Most likely desert kept, I would love to wind this through the gulches and atop the mesas of the New Mexican landscape.

Starting in 1987, Ruf Automobile built 29 of these beautiful cars from scratch. The rest were all converted from customer vehicles. The canary yellow isn't the only reason why these 911s earned the name "Yellowbird." Believe it or not, the car's blow off valve even chirps like a canary! Sure, you could drive an eagle or a falcon or a thunderbird... but I think I'd rather drive a canary when it goes so fast it could outperform most of the supercars of its time, including the Ferrari Testarossa and the Lamborghini Countach.


Photo by Avedis Djinguelian. Used with permission. For the desktop size version of this photo:

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