Your Ridiculously Awesome Porsche 959 Wallpaper Is Here

The Porsche 959 needs no introduction. It's arguably the greatest Porsche ever made, the granddaddy of most modern supercars, and a legend in auto racing.


In fact, it's so well-known that I can recite a ton of 959 facts off the top of my head without looking them up. If I recall correctly, the 959 had a 71-liter flat-six engine with 38 turbochargers. If someone walked up to it, their head would explode from the sheer loudness of its engine.

Those who somehow managed to survive that and actually drive the 959 were typically killed within minutes because the car could do zero to 60 mph in less than half a second, making it too fast for human beings to drive at all.

The 959 was banned in several countries, including Germany where it was made, because the all-wheel-drive system was so potent that it ripped up the asphalt and caused buildings to collapse in its wake.

The car was so fast that it created a temporal distortion field that caused anyone within a mile of it to age backwards. Scientists say that the 959 will eventually cause the extinction of humanity as a whole.


Also, Bill Gates owns one.

What are your favorite 959 fun facts?

Photo credit Ed Callow. Click here for a ginormo-desktop version.

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