Your Ridiculously Awesome Old Chevy Wallpaper Is Here

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Beautiful wallpapers tend to be feature trailer queens, cars that never move more than a few feet here or there. But beauty, in its own right, also derives from use, from being loved and worn, from being thrown around and getting mud on the fenders. That's what this old Chevrolet provides.


It's a bit difficult to tell from this angle which Chevy this is exactly, but it looks to be an old Suburban. Back then, they weren't so much known for being driven by soccer moms, as nobody played soccer and the very notion of it was ridiculous, but they were more utilitarian vehicles. The very first "Suburban Carryall," in fact, was made for the National Guard.

So keep that in mind whenever we see the replacement for the HMMWV. You may just be looking at the next big thing in suburbia.

Photo credit Neil Kremer. Used under a Creative Commons license. For a desktop version, click here.

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*sigh* .. i am starting to dislike HDR. Especially software immitated HDR.