Your Ridiculously Awesome Jaguar F-Type Wallpaper Is Here

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A Jaguar F-Type and a city skyline. Does it get much better than that? Not a chance.


This weekend’s wallpaper comes from Bruce Benedict, who got the chance to photograph the F-Type in Seattle back in 2013—its first model year. The car hasn’t been around for very long, but here at Jalopnik, we really, really like it.

The car brought Jaguar back into the two-seater club at its inception, and a manual gearbox comes as an option in all of the V6 versions of it. The insane V8 Jaguar F-Type R trades in that option for 550 horsepower. It’s not the cheapest sports car around, but the 2017 models did get a price cut in November.

If you still don’t want to drop that much cash on it, this wallpaper is completely free. Looking at the car probably isn’t quite as good as driving it, but hey—you get what you pay for. Or don’t pay for.

As for driving the car during the shoot, Bruce said this one remains at the top of his favorites list—and it seems like the people in Seattle enjoyed it as well:

A State Trooper following us for 30 miles, just to find out what we were driving. People following me in downtown Seattle asking me to rev the engine so they could hear the V8 roar. All added up to something special. Hated to give it back.

For those interested in the camera specs, Bruce shot this with a Canon 5D Mark III and 70-200 lens. If you have a camera, too, go out and grab a few wallpaper-worthy photos (cool cars included) and send them to the email address below.

Photo credit: Bruce Benedict. Used with permission. For a big desktop version of the top photo, click here.


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HOLY SHIFT! The F-Type looks like a BMW Z8!!