Your Ridiculously Awesome Integra Type R Wallpaper Is Here

Who among us hasn't lusted after an Integra Type R at least once? And we were right to do so. If you were to make a shortlist of all the greatest front-wheel-drive cars of all time, surely the ITR would be at the top, or at least near it.

Essentially a street legal racecar from the get-go, the Type R had tons of engine, suspension and transmission goodies that lesser Integras had to do without. Featuring a 1.8-liter B18C5 straight four with 195 horsepower and an astronomical 8,400-RPM redline, this car was built to wail.


And it was built to corner, too. A couple years ago when Edmunds tested the Integra Type R against the last generation Civic Si, they noted the car is "absolutely scalding" in the handling department. "Some exotics and the Corvette ZR1 will beat it through the slalom, but not much else," Edmunds wrote. That's absolutely insane for any car, let alone a FWD-er with economy roots.

While it's tough to find an Integra Type R today that doesn't have purple paint, a carbon fiber hood and neon green underlighting, our friends at RaySean Production in Australia are happy to show us what a proper one looks like.

Tell us - would you rock an Integra Type R?

Photo credit RaySean Production. Click here for a ginormo-desktop version.

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