Your ridiculously awesome El Camino wallpaper is here

In case anyone was curious as to why we'd need to bring the El Camino back, reader Damien Cussanelli shared this photo of his pride-and-joy 1979 El C in action.


Here's what Damien has to say about it:

Since there has been a large amount of El Camino love on
lately, I figured I'd contribute with a few pictures of my own pride and
joy, particularly doing what it does best. Also hoping if you choose to
use it, it will help stir up some interest in the sign up to convince GM
to build a new El Camino, because I have been watching and waiting
patiently for a re-badged Ute since the death of the Pontiac G8 ST. I
can't tell you how often I go to a gas station and someone tells me "Man I
wish they still made those things" and how often the people who make those
comments are filling up a full-size truck.

So this is my 1979 El Camino, it was my first car, was my daily through
high school. I've been driving it since gas crested $3 a gallon, and spent
more money on gas alone than I care to remember. Its seen several winters
and lots of snow even after the engine swap.

Its got a Small Block Chevy 350 with a Holley Double Pumper 650, Long tube
headers, 3″ exhaust, Flowmaster mufflers, American Racing AR 767
wheels, Goodmark Steel Cowl Induction hood, tonneau cover, Re-upholstered
seats & headliner, New shocks & lowering springs, new (stock replacement)
brakes, and a rebuilt TH350 transmission.

Keep living the dream, Damien.

The 1600-px version is here and the giganto-desktop version is on our Facebook page (no, you don't have to "like" our Facebook page or even sign in to the service. It's right there in the "photos" section on the left).


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