Your Ridiculously Awesome BMW 1-Series Wallpaper Is Here

The BMW 128i doesn’t really get a lot of love these days, but it was a pretty decent car when it arrived. While it is considered BMW’s compact car, it shares most of its components with the E9x generation 3-series. It’s only slightly smaller than the 3-series and weighs just about the same. The 1er Coupe is actually an inch taller than the 3-series, and shares the same track width.

It was an odd move for BMW, but in today’s world it actually looks a bit attractive, if a smidge quirky. The lower rocker panel is my least favorite feature, but the front and rear fascia are quite good, and the proportions look a little bit like a modern 2002.


These photos were taken by Bill Denheyer, who also owns this nice 2011 BMW 128i. Is it nice enough to be your wallpaper this week? You decide!

You can check out more of Bill’s photo work on his Flickr account.

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