Got a ton of money and like BMWs, but feel like they don't offer enough power and luxury even in M guise? That's a nice problem to have. And if you have it, Alpina has your back, just as they have for many years.

Alpina worked with BMW to build racing cars for nearly 40 years, and by 1983 they were making hopped-up versions of BMW sedans and coupes fit for public consumption. One of our favorites is the Alpina B9 3.5, which was based on the iconic E28 5-Series. A thoroughly re-worked engine care of Alpina brought the car to an impressive 245 horsepower and 231 pound-feet of torque, giving it a zero to 60 mph sprint of about 6 seconds.

Also, the graphics and body package on the B9 made it clear that while this 5 was still super classy, it wasn't something to be messed with. Why, some people may even say it's the greatest sedan in the world.

But the car in the photograph we're highlighting today is not the greatest sedan in the world. No, this is just a tribute. It's a 1982 528i that has been heavily modified with performance goodies to look like the Alpina B9. You can read some details on the car from when it was being sold a few years ago here.


While it may not be the real deal, it certainly looks cool, and friend of Jalopnik Patrick Ernzen over at Desert Motors was able to get this great shot for us. I wouldn't kick it out of my garage.

Would you rock an Alpina B9 — even if it was just a tribute?

Click here for a giganto-desktop version.

Photo credit Desert Motors. Used with permission.