Your Reflexes Will Never Be This Good

Gif: YouTube

Rally drivers will go up against all kinds of obstacles during an event, but chances are, they’re not expecting they’ll have to avoid a random civilian car driving at them in the opposite direction. But, when that happened to driver Rok Turk, he just used it as an opportunity to flex his incredible reflex skills.


During a shakedown for the INA Delta rally in Croatia, Turk was putting pedal to the metal on the streets of a sleepy-looking town when, rounding a blind corner, there just so happened to be a whole entire car in his way!

Did Turk even blink? I doubt it.

(He did, however, offer a handful of expletives to accompany his mad driving skills.)


I haven’t been able to stop watching this video. Turk handles the incident almost like he’d anticipated it, without so much as a single move of the steering wheel wasted.

Do you think you have good reflexes? Congratulations. They’re nowhere near as good as Rok Turk’s.

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Good thing Samir wasn’t driving, he doesn’t pay attention to the calls.