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Your Pikes Peak Hill Climb Open Thread

Illustration for article titled Your Pikes Peak Hill Climb Open Thread

Just a reminder, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb begins now. You can catch all the action here at redbull.TV, and feel free to talk about everything going on in the comments below!


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Bill Caswell

This is radio, not tv and the audio is pretty poor. The lower recording area is next to the start line with vehicle revving their engines and the one at the top crackles non stop. Which is fine because most of the dialogue is from the riders listing their sponsors one after another. Awesome tv guys.

And now we find out the female announcer has never driven the road or seen the "track" she is commenting on. But the other announcer still asks for her impression of the course? How do the corporate people sign checks for this?

Ohhh they will have in-car cameras for the entire loeb in car run. Thats going to be cool and why the rest of this is here. At least we get something?