Your Next Rolls-Royce Will Be Aluminum

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Rolls-Royce’s flagships like the Phantom and the Drophead Coupé already use a unique aluminum chassis, while the ultraluxury brand’s smaller models are based on the BMW 7 Series. But that’s all about to change as the Goodwood factory is already testing its new common aluminum architecture.


What Rolls-Royce modestly calls “the architecture of pure luxury” will underpin all of their cars from the 2018 model year on, which means the first car to roll out with it is likely to be RR’s upcoming SUV, the one they won’t call an SUV. We are fine with that, as long as they find a better name than Bentayga.

Rolls-Royce had this to say about the architecture of pure luxury:

The current testing phase aims to ensure that the new space-frame structure perfectly delivers Rolls-Royce’s trademark ‘magic-carpet ride’ on a variety of surfaces and that it is resilient to extreme weather conditions

I have no doubt they’ll succeed. Otherwise, they just wouldn’t have a product.

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