Your New Lexus Floor Mats Will Look Like Crap

We told you about Toyota's zip tie quick-fix they're forcing upon dealers to solve that pesky little deadly killer floor mat problem. Now here's exactly how crappy your brand new Lexus or Toyota will look. Below, how it's done.


Here's the story, straight from a Lexus dealership employee and poster on the CamaroZ28 forum — along with the step-by-step instruction manual. Just click next: told dealers that any vehicle listed on the recall is forbidden from sale until this "floormat fix" was performed. this was not up to dealers, toyota gave specific instructions on how to do this.

so for us at lexus, that meant every new and used ES and IS sedan.

loaner cars were not done because they are not for sale at the time.

toyota said to remove all weather mats from cars if they had them in the trunk.

then, take the driver seat floormat and puncture or drill 2 holes behind each matclip, and ziptie to the seat rail.

so, every one of those cars on our lot (including show room cars of course) now looks like this crap.

we shut down service an hour early, and had valets and porters pulling cars in the shop, with techs drilling and ziptieing mats.

it took nearly 2hrs to finish every car.

(Hat tip to Jeremy!)

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