Your Most Unpopular Automotive Opinion

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One thing I have learned while writing for the Internet is that it's okay when people disagree with you. We're all fans of things that go fast (or are at least fun to drive) but we have different opinions than one another. And that's totally fine.


So then it's unpopular opinion time. What belief do you hold about cars that everyone else seems to disagree with?

You know where I stand on two-tone cars: I think that most of the time, especially with modern cars, they're in poor taste. Based on the comments on that story, about 30 percent of you were like "Damn straight, PG" and the rest were like "You're so wrong and here's why." Which, again, is totally fine, because disagreement and debating is fun.

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I have another I've stated here on multiple occasions: I'm not a fan of the C3 Corvette. The earlier ones are fine, but I think the car just carried on for way too long until its looks bordered on self-parody and its performance was anemic and sad, a victim of one of the worst eras of cars.

And at the end of the day, I just like the C2 Corvette much better. I think it's maybe the best-looking American car ever made, and I'd do terrible things to own one.

As always, your mileage may vary.

I invite you to fess up. What's your most unpopular automotive opinion?

Pictured: The E21 BMW 3-Series, another malaise-era car that most people say pales in comparison to the 2002 and E30, but is a car I actually think is pretty cool.



I think a pickup truck should not cost $66k. Or even half that, actually.

That apparently puts me in the minority around here, and I'm not quite sure why.