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Your Guide To Partying With Us During The Jalopnik Film Festival

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Have a full VIP pass for all the Jalopnik Film Festival presented by Volvo Cars festivities? Have absolutely no ticket of any kind but are in the NYC area on Thursday? Here's the full run-down of events and how you can see cool cars, eat great food, and party with all the gearheads.


Wednesday Night Kick-Off Party At The Classic Car Club Manhattan

If you're part of the media, a special person, and/or you purchased one of our limited VIP passes then congratulations, you're going to spend the night drinking blinker fluids, ogling cars, taking pics with celebrities, and seeing the debut of "Ignition."


The good news is, this is the only event that you're not getting into if you're not on the list.

Thursday Night Street Party/Car Show At Nitehawk Cinema

We've secured permission (i.e. we paid for it) to block off the street in front of the Nitehawk Cinema this Thursday night and we'll be lining up a selection of incredible cars. One of them is the Gorilla Cheese NYC food truck. One of them is an Italian exotic. One of them is a piece of classic American muscle. One of them might be a Morgan Three Wheeler.

Pro-tip: If you're taking the day off or are in the neighborhood, the opposite side of the street (Metropolitan Ave. between Wythe and Berry) opens up at 10:30 am and you could park your car there if you wanted to.

Drinks, Films And Food At Nitehawk Cinema

Illustration for article titled Your Guide To Partying With Us During The Jalopnik Film Festival

If you've never been to the Nitehawk Cinema you're in for a pleasant surprise as it's one of the best places in New York to see a film, especially these films. If you have a pass for the film festival screening you'll be enjoying your viewing at either 6:00 PM or 9:00 PM, just make sure to show up a little early and check out cars.

If you don't have a pass you can still drink and eat at the bar downstairs and chat with all the interesting car celebrities that will be hanging out.


Drinks And Music At The Living Room Next Door

Our friends at The Living Room — a great venue that's sprung up next to the Nitehawk Cinema — will open their doors for all of us and have provided a band. Make sure to sneak over after 9:00 PM (if not earlier) to see Zephaniah and the 18 Wheelers, dance a two-step, and probably do some more imbibing (but only if you're not driving).


The doors open early, the music starts at 9:30 PM, and we'll probably all congregate there when we get kicked out of the Nitehawk.

Any questions?

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