In typical New York fashion, the Dodge Charger from "Fast Five" got the high-attention spot on the main floor of the New York Auto Show to flaunt its matte-black paint and automatic transmission. The more impressive movie car has to park its flamethrowers in the basement.

The Medusa was built by filmmaker-engineer Evan Glodell for his move "Bellflower," an independent film that will be released in August. Described as a post-apocalyptic love story, the movie's centerpiece is the junkyard transformation of a 1972 Buick Skylark into a fire-breathing stormer.


Vince Grashaw, one of the film's producers and actors, has been promoting the movie by driving Medusa to colleges around the country. Starting from a $2,600 Skylark bought off Craigslist, the producers added their car mods as they shot their independent movie, crossbreeding two of the most money-thirsty hobbies known to man.

The Skylark's major modifications are the rear flamethrowers, with a 30,000-volt ignition system. The 350 V8 has been bolstered with a supercharger, and "Fast Five"-quality smoke comes from a bleach-spraying system on its rear wheels. There's also spy cameras built into the front and rear, a hydraulic rear suspension, roll cage and sawed-off shotgun in the trunk.

The rear seats also fold down, in case it needs to haul any extra cases of whoopass.

Bellflower hits theaters August 5; you can see some hot action here.


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