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My head is still spinning from this weekend's hoontastic voyage. And by spinning I mean that after two straight days of TOTAL COVERAGE I drove straight back to Los Angeles and am now somehow awake before 8:00 am. Anyhow, if you weren't near a computer this weekend, here's what you missed. If you were, you now have that much more info to process. And no, sadly, you cannot count the Caddy Wagon as a LeMons car. You have to pick one of the $500 crap boxes. Me? My personal favorite was the Nissan Sentra SE-R. Not so much for the machine itself, but for the mad men behind it. Totally inspiring to be around. Only next time I hope they decorate their car with a few rattle cans. Hate to see this thing get cursed. But, that's me. What's abouts yous?


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