Your chance to purchase a Ford Mustang with the V12 heart of an Aston Martin

Even though this 2005 Ford Mustang may look like your average custom American muscle car on the outside, it has a secret. Underneath the hood of this Mustang is a technically British heart in the form of a Ford built 6.0L V12 from a 2001 Aston Martin Vanquish.

This exercise in bastardized brilliance was originally built for SEMA in 2006 and accordingly has all of the oversized wheels and custom interior touches you might expect. It also has a name, Vanquish'd, which by our own admission is a little more clever than most custom car names.


From the 2000kms on the odometer it seems after SEMA and countless magazine features, this car did quite a bit of sitting. With a current asking price of $79,900 we have a feeling there might be some more sitting in this unique Mustang's future, even if it does have one of the more interesting engine swaps we've seen in a while.

Hat tip to Chad Nikon Nikko Gibson!


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