Young Diehard Ohio State Buckeyes Fan Beats Cancer He Named 'Michigan'

The rivalry between the football teams at Ohio State University and the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor creates such a spectacle when the schools meet each year, on and off the field, that it's dubbed "The Game."


A family from Ohio passionate for the Buckeyes and the annual game took the rivalry to a new height: Grant, a 12-year-old, single-handedly beat Ann Arbor last weekend. Two-years-ago, he was diagnosed with a brain-tumor that he nicknamed "Michigan," NBC4 in Ohio reports.

On Friday, Grant was able to ring the bell at Nationwide Children's Hospital, a traditional gesture when a patient receives their last chemotherapy treatment.

"We've heard it run a few times. There was always the thought of having him to it. Today we got to hear it," Grant's father Troy told the station.

Grant's love for the Buckeyes was virtually inevitable: Troy and his mother, Denise, met while on the Ohio State's marching band.

Before leaving the hospital, Grant and his brother donated two wagons to the hospital for future patients as "part of the Buckeye way to pay it forward," the station reports.

And, Troy added, they made a stipulation: Each wagon had to say "Beat Michigan" on it.