You'll Always Have A Gmünd Time In This Early Porsche

Wanna talk old-school Porsches? Forget the 930 Turbo, the first 911 or even the 356. Let's go back even deeper than that to the prototypes built in Gmünd, Austria before the company even moved to Stuttgart.

A 1949 Porsche Gmünd Coupe, the 50th of 50 produced, is the focus of this video from the folks at Porsche. This particular model is owned by photographer rally climbing Porsche superhero Jeff Zwart, and it's quite lovely.


As Zwart himself says, this early car formed the basis of everything Porsche has made since, more or less. It's got all sorts of crazy vintage touches, like side-mounted wands that pop out to tell you if you're turning left or right, or flip knobs that slide sideways on the dash.

It's really something else. Hoon it like you Gmünd it.

Hat tip to The Sports Car Guys!

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