You'd Never Recognize One Of The Prettiest Chevy Corvettes Of All Time

The one-of-a-kind 1961 Kelly Corvette is proof to all car enthusiasts that anything is possible with enough luck, a great dream and lots of dedication.


John Breslow is a guy from Nebraska who owned a welding supply company, only to sell it in 2006 and start putting together what’s clearly one of the most tasteful car collections in the United States. He drives all of his cars regularly, including Wisconsin-based designer Gordon Kelly’s Vignale-bodied Corvette, the red beauty with an equally good story in its boot.

That’s absolutely worth the risk, because cars have to get warm and people have to see them to get the idea. And now, thanks to Petrolicious, even more will do just that:

There’s no point in looking for faults. She is perfect.

Images/video via Petrolicious

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