You Won't Fit In The Back Seat Of The Scion FR-S Cabrio

Just before they shut down the party at Geneva, we went back to Toyota to see if they have any coffee left. They didn't, but they also put away the wall separating us from the GT 86 ne Scion FR-S Cabrio Concept. I had to break some rules.

What you see here is me trying to put my size 11 shoes between the front and back seats. While the white leather and the carpet went well with my outfit, I couldn't push my feet in there even with the seat folded halfway. Definitely no space for your knees than. I'm 6'2, so I jumped into the front seat to see how confortable I am with no legroom in the back. It wasn't bad, but far from ideal. And that was the point when the guards took me.


In conclusion: The Scion FR-S is only a four-seater as far as you have small children. That narrows down the market. Still, at least you have a cup holder for their orange juice...

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