You Won't Believe A Baby Girl Survived This Crash On A Russian Highway

Okay, here's a Russian dash cam video that will probably blow your mind and make you seethe with rage at the parents who put a poor little girl in harm's way.

The story goes, according to ABC News, that this Moscow family was driving on an icy highway in their Mitsubishi Outlander when they lost control and spun into the oncoming lane, where a large commercial truck was headed straight for them.

The SUV somehow manages to avoid getting t-boned, but then it spins into the back part of the truck. The rear part of the SUV kind of explodes, dumping a 1-year-old girl who was not strapped into a carseat onto the pavement — and into the path of an oncoming truck.


Miraculously, the truck slows down and manages to avoid the little girl. She was later hospitalized with face and head injuries, and police cited the driver for putting her in the back without a carseat.

She and her family are incredibly lucky. This could have ended much, much worse.

(Hat tip to Ilya!)

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I still don't understand how someone has a dash cam on whenever this stuff happens?? Who are all these people driving with cameras on all the time?