You Want To Hurt The Car Parked On Blue Lines, But Can't Hurt The Ramp

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You have to wonder sometimes what "No Parking" means to people who park on it anyway like it's no big deal. I wonder if they know what "Yield" means.


We had a great guest post from Qrugby5 about cars for people with disabilities and living with them. His personal accounts in the post were great reminders to stay far away from those blue lines.


So how do you get back? I mean, if these people are insane enough to park on the blue, a note just won't do.

Automatch Tom:

I hate people that do this. We area always tempted to open the ramp on the car, but don't want to risk damaging the ramp.

And then Qrugby5 admitted something after the post:

I did it once to a motorcycle that was parked too close. My ramp knocked it over and then I got in my van and drove away. I'm calling that a success.


Last time I checked, "No Parking" applies to motorcycles, too.

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You always wonder about the mindset of the people who just brazenly disregard rules. Either they feel that they are above the rules for whatever reason, or they are profoundly oblivious. Neither one makes them look good at all.

Here in my neck of the woods, it's oblivious drivers driving along a clearly marked bus-only street and holding up buses full of 60 people.