The blokes at MCN have taken the H2R out to a long stretch of asphalt to finally get some performance numbers on Kawasaki’s 300 horsepower supercharged superbike, and yes, the results are properly mind-bending.

The 0-180 MPH time comes in at 13.14 seconds over 2,070 feet, but to inch out that extra 20 MPH to hit 200 will take another 1,000 feet or a total run of 16.65 seconds.

On the dyno, the H2R is spitting out 249.8 HP and 107.3 lb-ft of torque. Combined with its 524-pound wet weight and the lack of a restrictor – ditching the manufacturers’ gentlemen’s agreement to cap top speeds at 186 MPH – the H2R hits 205.7 MPH.

Watch it in action below (or here):


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