Over the weekend, I posted a quick gallery of some of the competitors from Pirelli World Challenge’s stop at Circuit of The Americas. With temps over 90 degrees much of the time, fans, drivers, and the media braved the elements to enjoy some damn good racing action.

But I found myself having a hard time stopping there: With 97 race cars spread over several classes, one gallery just couldn’t suffice. So to show off more shots, I decided to spread it out in a second sampling. Feast thine eyes upon the fast things:

Yup. It looks like they’re about 1.5 psi off.
Spitting flames and taking names.
Captured at 1/10s, for those who are curious.
The Jalopnik Bump is real.
Dat John Player Special livery tho.
speckled rubber
Right hand drive race cars are cool.
Stef took a liking to this blurple Cayman.

Sub-Par Photographer and Reasonably Quick Test Driver

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