The introduction of the TR4 in 1961 was a continuation of the Triumph's approach to sports cars. Comfortable, stylish, and aimed squarely at the American consumer.

Although the TR4 came from a British manufacturer, the majority of the 40,253 TR4s would end up in the United States. A number of features set the TR4 apart—attempts to make it sell better in America. And yet, oddly enough, despite this attempt to reach out to American buyers, Triumph continued to produce updated versions of the TR3 in 1961 and 1962, just in case the TR4 seemed just too advanced.

The TR4 was built on the earlier TR chassis, but the body was completely redesigned by Italian car designer Giovanni Michelotti (who had designed vehicles for other manufacturers, including Ferrari, Lancia, and Maserati). The design included roll-up windows, a unique hard top with a built in roll bar (beating other vehicle manufacturers, such as Porsche by a few years). It's know known as a Targa top... but the TR4 had it earlier.

What do you think of the TR4? Is there better in the TR series?

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