You Must Read This Extremely Detailed Guide To Every In-Car Infotainment System In 2018

The Volvo S90: one of the few user interfaces I actually liked.
The Volvo S90: one of the few user interfaces I actually liked.
Photo: Kurt Bradley

Touchscreens are all but unavoidable in cars now, so it’s only fitting that they deserve a closer look. Roadshow went through and reviewed every automotive infotainment system on sale in 2018 in one of the most detailed consumer guides I’ve ever read here, and you should definitely check it out.


Roadshow’s list breaks it down by manufacturer, as many systems are shared across multiple models and it’s an easy way to lump things together. Model differences are noted, as are individual features that you may or may not want.

Best of all, they note how usable each system is. Which ones feel dated? Which ones lag? Which ones are reasonably intuitive? After all, it doesn’t matter if a system has everything you’ve ever wanted in a car and more if you can’t figure it out.


Go read their full run-down here. Even if you’re a fellow member of the Big Dumb Car Screen Haters’ Club, it’s a fascinating read.

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They praised Chevy’s garbage interface that looks like a 1990s video jukebox, and panned Alfa Romeo’s elegant, integrated, simple UI.

I spent a weekend testing out a Chevy Volt, and ultimately bought an Alfa Romeo Guilia. The Chevy was ugly and confusing, and demanded my attention all the time when I was supposed to be driving. The Alfa has a nice chunky dial right where my hand rests, and lets me focus on driving.


I mean, just look at this steaming trash pile in the Chevy Bolt:

Then enjoy the zen of an Alfa Romeo:

Need more evidence that they aren’t thinking about real-world uses of the idiotic infotainment systems in cars? When they reviewed the Tesla’s jumbled mess of menus, they did it while parked. 

R&T has no fucking idea what they’re talking about.