You Might Need That Wheel

Sorry, guys. Isettas aren’t approved to run in WTSC. You’re going to need to keep all three wheels on your BMW.


Unfortunately, I feel like someone pushed the “self-destruct” button on the WeatherTech Sports Car Championship’s BMW Team RLL this weekend. First, the No. 25 BMW M6 GTLM’s roof peeled off like the lid on a can of sardines.

Now, its sister No. 100 M6 GTLM dropped a wheel far, far off the track—off the car entirely. Something tells me it might need that.


Fortunately, they were able to drive safely into the pits and replace the wheel. Unfortunately, they also received a drive-through penalty for an improperly manned fire bottle in the pits, per IMSA. It’s not BMW Team RLL’s day.

Its sister car hasn’t escaped trouble, either, as the No. 25 went on an agricultural expedition outside the track, right before the No. 4 Corvette had an off of its own.


VIR, as always, is delightful chaos. The freshly washed track from yesterday’s biblical downpour doesn’t seem to have a lot of grip today, so many drivers are having a hard time keeping it on the pavement.

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Ya picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel.