Ever wonder what it would feel like to attempt a sweet trick in your commuter car?

The person driving this Toyota Yaris got the unexpected opportunity to experience half a barrel roll (more like an aileron roll, really) on a quiet country road in England, apparently headed toward the town of Lancaster, when an oncoming car scared him out of his lane.


What’s amazing is that the driver climbed out unscathed. Even more amazing is the maturity and politeness of how everybody on camera handles the situation.

What would we even call this...the opposite of road rage? Polite human interaction? After a car accident? Unheard of. According to the video’s description, the driver of the BMW even circled back.


Hopefully your next interaction with strangers is conducted this cordially, and under much less dramatic circumstances. And don’t be afraid to cancel a pass if it looks like a car’s coming when you pop out of your lane!

Hat tip to David!

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