You Know You Want This: FordVette Monster Truck

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You know when you're sitting in the garage, drinkin' with your buddies and you start talking about lame-brained project ideas? 99.999% of the time those ideas float away like beer farts in the wind. This one survived, however, and it's for sale - today. At five this afternoon eastern time, this beautiful example of backyard engineering will have a new home. Corvette body, '76 Ford F350 chassis, 351 Cleveland with a 750 Holly and a shot of nitrous, tractor tires mounted to Dana Axles and much, much more. This is probably the best idea to ever come out of Hastings, Michigan. Buy this and become an instant YouTube god. As of now, it's under the reserve at $3,050, so hurry up and make your dreams come true.


There needs to be a PTO and a 3pt hitch poking out in the ass shot. Lacking that, this car is pointless beyond defining the ineffable resourcefulness of bored rednecks.