You Know Those Jerks On Craigslist Who Hype Their Crap? Here's One

With a headline like "How I Got 30 Phone Calls And Sold My Car In One Hour On Craigslist", you know the contents have to be good. Before you read the revolutionary tactic under that title, we have a few suggestions of our own. Having used the list of Craig in buying all manner of flotsam and jetsam, we know a thing or two about what gets things moving, and what pisses people off. First and foremost, an accurate description of the item for sale nets the most benefit. Make it clear and precise and the first information in the headline. Second...

add pictures. The old addage is correct, a picture is worth a thousand words, and perhaps more in the case of buying and selling. A "Worn but trusty 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo" may be a great car with faded paint or it may be home to a family of raccoons. Third, reasonable or low price. My uncle once told me that supply and demand aren't the only powers in the market. If you refine things down properly, it's more like the right item, in the right place, at the right time, in the right condition. Put that information in your headline, add a picture and a good but concise description and you'll sell your junk to the people who want it.


That said, people like this who try to **********DRAW ATTENTION**********TO************THEIR ITEMS******** get the ban hammer from us. We assume they are either a 16 year old drop out trying to unload hot merchandise, a Nigerian scammer, or a dealership we don't want to deal with. Maybe that's just us though, maybe we're wrong and he's right. He is the one who got thirty phone calls and sold his car in an hour.

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